Robyn works with business leaders who want to be more powerful, engaging and confident communicators.

Communication is like mixing up chemicals.
Sometimes it creates exciting discoveries... sometimes it's fruitless... sometimes it just blows up!

Robyn Hatcher, communication expert and author, knows successful communication is the life blood of any thriving organization. Robyn's cultivated a winning formula to transform weak communication skills into potent business gold. (Cause blow ups can be messy and costly!)

Her 15 plus years in the entertainment field as a professional actress and film and TV writer plus her experience as a certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner, give her a powerful combination of fun, creative tools and solid scientific research.

Now, as owner and CEO of SpeakEtc., she delivers brain science hacks to help business leaders like you, command a room; galvanize your team and become the catalyst for change your business needs.

Thought Leadership